Strength Development for Weightlifting

Strength Development for Weightlifting lays out a system of athlete assessment to help you build strength in the necessary areas for weightlifting while allowing you to balance training for technique and speed.

Optimizing strength for weightlifting is more than just having the biggest squat or push press, it must happen within the context of the greater plan. Team Juggernaut Weightlifting Coach Max Aita has produced more Senior National Medalists than any other coach since 2016 and the strategies laid out in Strength Development for Weightlifting will help you create a principal based strength training plan to improve your and your lifters’ strength.

Things you’ll learn in this book…

-Scientific Principles of Weightlifting
-Absolute Versus Explosive Strength and How to Define Them
-Correctly Planning Intensity, Volume & Frequency
-Which Exercises Should You Be Using?
-Structure of the Training Process
-How to Construct Your Training Cycle

Want to learn more about this book? Check out this audio interview with the author, Max Aita by clicking HERE.

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