• Changing weight classes Should you go up, down or stay the same in a weight class?  Moving up a weight class Body fat vs muscle mass composition Height Can you still increase strength/total with your current weight? You’re youth/jr and still growing Moving down a weight class Very rarely r... View Post
  • How much missing is acceptable in training?  Root cause of misses?  technique breakdown? Excessive fatigue?.  Psychological effect of missing too often? Fear of failure? Negative self dialogue? Delusional self image Being too conservative (no misses ever) Can be self limiting  Can lead... View Post
  • Transitional phases play a major role in the training process and are necessary to further progress in the long term. My personal experience with transitional phases I never had rest or transition blocks and had long term stagnation 2 great examples Alyssa and Alex both taken time away from st... View Post