Training DNA

Training DNA is the unique individual expression of the scientific principles as they are found in a training program.  

  1. Training Load (overload/fatigue management)
  • Total volume: Fundamental vs. additional
  • Average WT
  • Relative INT
  • Distribution of intensity
  • Distribution of number of reps/set
  1. Exercise selection (specificity/variation)
  • Degree of specificity
  • Exercise sequencing rate
  • Unique Special exercises
  • General training vs. specific training
  1. Periodization structure (fatigue management/SRA/Phase potentiation)
  • Organization of Training DNA
  • Fatigue management
  • Distribution of training load by day/week/month/year
  • Phasic structure

Everyone has a unique Training DNA. Identifying and learning how to make the training express the best possible results at the best time is key. Some variables are unchanging while some are transient.

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