Training strategies dictate when and where success happens. Training PRs may not be an indication of future meet success.

  1. Exploitation vs. conservation
  • Exploiting the current state of fitness for immediate results could stifle longer-term progress via fatigue, and disruption to the training plan.

Too much exploitation leads to exhausted athletes and poor performances

  • Conservation of the training effect to ensure the outcome of the meet.

Too much conservation = timid competition and lack of confidence on stage.

  1. “Striking while the iron is hot”  If it's there, take the shot, let the situation happen on its own don’t force it.

Practical implementation

Context is important

When to push

  1. Heaviest weeks of training, ideally proceeding a light week of training.
  2. During the largest loading sessions. Large days at the end of loading progressions is ideal.
  3. “High highs, low lows”

When to hold back

  1. Immediately following heavy training
  2. Close proximity to competitions
  3. Post-injury
  4. Post competition