Everyone makes mistakes, the only people who don’t aren’t trying hard enough.

  1. Not being principle based
  • Neglecting to establish principled methodology 
  • Cause and effect
  1. Dogma having too much faith in a given program or method.
  • Getting trapped in the idea of the program versus the results of the program. 
  • Justification versus discovery
  1. Copy cat programming
  • Apply what the best do regular athletes
  • Assuming 
  1. Over reliance on indirect methods of improvement.
  • Strength development to excess
  • Technique development to excess, “perfection is the enemy of profit”
  • Exercise novelty 
  1. Not tracking any metrics 
  • Volume
  • Intensity
  • Exercise selection


Develop your grasp of the whole process

Work from the big picture down to the individual training session

Keep look for solutions not justification