Maximizing results for the squat vs. maximizing the squat for results in the sport

  1. Technique differences; High bar, low bar, & front squat
  2. The difference in training loads, WL, PL, ST
  • The total volume devoted to Squats vs. other lifts and allocation of low and high-intensity lifts
  • Hypertrophy blocks vs. speed of movement
  • ST requirements should be balanced between both goals (NOT IDEAL)
  1. The squat is not a 3rd competition lift for WL
  • Squats should never rob volume from other lifts in WL
  • Placing unnecessary emphasis on squats detrimental to progress

Practical tips for implementation

Frame your thinking correctly for the sport.

Understand what is required, what is sufficient, and what is necessary.

Plan ahead of time in the program for specialized blocks

Always plan for the individual's needs.